Naturguide Tiveden

- för din upplevelse av Tivedens djur och natur -

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Moose safari 

Join in on a real moose safari in the forests of Tiveden !

We start with dinner out in the woods by the campfire wehre you get to learn more of the moose. Followed by a walk through moose territory where we look for track. Finally we go safari to look for moose.

The moose – the king of the swedish forest is our focus of attention during the evening 
You will also get to learn more about the moose, it´s life and habitats. As well as how you improve your chances to find it. 
Did you know that the moose bull drops it´s antlers each year and new one´s grow the next year? Or that the moose has a very developed sense of hearing? That and a lot more you will learn more about, and also to sound and to call for moose. 
The guided tour starts out in the forest by our camp, where you enjoy a dinner by the campfire. During the meal you will get exiting know-how of the moose and be able to ask all types of questions. 
Full and satisfied we head out on a easy and short walk to experience the realm of the moose. We follow their tracks in the marsh. Look for sundew and cloudberries. Visiting the beautiful pond pf Tranquility. 

Finally we head back to camp for the safari looking for the king of the Swedish forest. 

Duration: 5 hrs


Sundays between 2017-05-01 through  2017-05-31 Start 1700

Sundays and Thursdays between 2017-06-01 through -2017-06-30 Start 1800

Sundays and Thursdays between 2017-07-01 through 2017-07-20 Start 1800

Sundays and Thursdays between 2017-08-03 through 2017-08-31 Start 1600

Thursdays between 2017-09-01 through 2017-10-05 Start 0500 

Place: The great woods of Tiveden - we meet up at Tiveds skola (the school)

A meal is included

Price: 1000 SEK/person, kids 0-15 yrs 400 SEK/person

For booking:

Beaver Safari

Come along and go looking for beaver, from land or in a boat. In our waters lives the interesting beaver which with it´s big teeth can fell enormous trees. During an evening in which a simple meal is included we head out to find the beaver!
In streams, rivers and lakes lives beavers, which with their big teeth fell small as well as big trees. With great haste and will the beaver builds dams and floods areas which creates new living areas for not only beavers but also birds, insects, plants and animals. 

Here´s your chance to experience this shy animal in nature. 

We start with a presentation where you get to learn more about the beaver, it´s home range and ecology and life. 
Did you know that the teeth of the beaver continues to grow throughout it´s life? 
Or that it has a big tail with which it paddles? 
A simple and tasty meal is included. 
Of course there is vegetarian alternatives. Coffee, tea or syrup. 

We then head out to find the beaver during the summer evening. 

June, July, August & September 2017

Evenings Wednesdays

1000 SEK /person 400 SEK / child


For more info and booking Beaver safari

Deep forest walk in Tiveden national park

Join our guided walk where you experience a part of Tiveden national park where few go. The focus is for you to find your own little piece of mind where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature. You experience the calm and silence of the wilderness.
In a more and more loud and stressed day life and world the need and longing for calm and recovery is big. 
We will take you deeper into the forest during this deep forest walk, so that you will be embraced by the healing forces of nature as well as your own calm. Our guide will tell you somethings about the nature you will meet in the beginning of the tour. The main part of the walk is focused on calming down , find your piece of mind and enjoy the silence of nature. 

On your blanket you will experience the closeness to nature and you might even fall a sleep. 
A simple meal is included as well as drinks. 

June, July, August & September 2017

Mornings Thursdays

800 SEK/person

For more info and booking Deep forest walk 

Nature´s treasures

Come along to experience the treasures of Swedish nature in Tiveden

We begin with a short walk in Tiveden national park where we go along the path in the old growth forest to experience the true atmosphere of the forest. The forest´s embracing room and relaxing calm is yours to enjoy.
We go on outside the national park to our wilderness lounge where you will learn to make fire in different ways and also how to handle and be responsible with fire.
You will also be able to make crafts during the evening, for example a torch or tar.
You will also participate in cooking outdoors. Baking bread in a Dutch oven or smoking fish in a smoker for example. The meal is included in the tour. As well as drinks.
When the evening gets darker we will start telling stories in front of the bonfire and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the summer night.
Come along with Naturguide Tiveden and experience and discover the diverse treasures of Swedish nature! 

June, July, August & September 2017

Evenings Tuesdays

900 SEK/person, 400 SEK/child

For more info and booking Natures treasures